Bobby Cameron

Hi Bobby,
Thanks again for performing at the Fundraiser for Don Johnston's fundraiser. Are you currently (or in the near future) doing any fundraising within the Autism community? My son, who just turned 18, was diagnosed on the spectrum at age 7. He is now 18 and registered to attend the U of A in the fall for his Bachelor of Music.

Bobby Cameron responded on 04/27/2018

Thank you so much. I am a big fan of Don's and always thinking of him. It was a great day for Don.

I'll keep you posted on any events for the Autism community. My Wife Sherrie works for Autism Speaks Canada. My son Breton is Autistic so its a cause close to our hearts.

That is so awesome about your son. Congrats to you on that. That gives me so much hope for my son. Like your boy, he is brilliant. I've got great faith in his abilities.

If you can please come to the Autism Speaks Canada Walk on Sept 9 at Rundle Park in Edmonton. It would be great to catch up and meet your son.



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